2019 INFINITI Q70L Sedan Design Features| Long Wheelbase

Long Wheelbase

An Elevated Design Expression

Q70L captivates with a form inspired by nature. The sweeping contours of its body look as if carved by the wind. Flowing like a rising wave, the hood and fenders hint at the raw power beneath. Our designers sculpted each surface to reflect light or capture shadows, giving the Q70L a rare, magnetic presence.


2019 INFINITI Q70L Sedan Design Features | Headlights


Everything is Illuminated

Its gaze is unmistakable. A unique expression of design centered around twin, multi-mode LED headlamps, accented by LED daytime running lights.

2019 INFINITI Q70L Sedan Design Features | Comfort

Meticulous Hospitality

Comfort Beyond Comparison

As you approach the Q70L, it senses the available Intelligent Key and responds with the radiant glow of sequenced exterior and interior lights. The Intelligent Key also remembers driver's seat, steering wheel, and side-view mirror positions, and the last audio, climate, and navigation system settings.